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Passion, Innovation, Expertise, Integrity



Precision Cornea Centre was established in 2019 as a non-hospital academic subspecialty clinic in Canada devoted solely to cornea and anterior segment pathology. We were fortunate to expand and welcome Precision Glaucoma Centre in 2021 as an additional non-hospital academic subspecialty clinic in Canada devoted to glaucoma pathology. 

Both Centres are part of the public health care system and welcome patients from across Canada (all provincial health cards are accepted) and internationally.


Vision Statement: Our Direction

To improve vision-related quality of life.

To positively impact lives by optimizing and preserving vision-related quality of life. 

Mission Statement: Our Focus

We strive to be an international leader in providing evidence-based care and the highest quality service to people with conditions of the cornea, iris, lens, and glaucoma by:

  • Listening to and working with our patients to provide them with the safest and most appropriate medical and surgical therapies;

  • Educating ourselves and the next generation of eye surgeons, optometrists, technologists, and managers in an environment that fosters learning;

  • Disseminating new knowledge gained from our efforts in research and innovation to our eye professional colleagues around the world; and

  • Committing to a strong involvement in community service and global outreach activities.

Values Statement: Our Behaviour

Each member of our team is guided by

  • PASSION for helping people see better and more comfortably through an enthusiasm for continuous learning and improvement;

  • INNOVATION in safe and effective healing options;

  • EXPERTISE in the latest technologies and techniques used for diagnosing and treating eye disease

  • INTEGRITY when interacting with our colleagues, our patients, our referring doctors, our trainees, and our industry partners.


Most of our new patients will get a call from a member of our staff before the scheduled appointment to get background history of their health and vision issues. For the initial visit to our Centre, we invite our guests to bring their glasses, contact lens solution/case (for patients who will have to remove their lenses), non-expired health cards, name/fax number of family doctor or GP, name/fax number of pharmacy, and a list of medications (including all eye drops!). Please bring the bottles for all eye drops that you are currently using.

Initial consultations typically last 60-90 minutes and may include diagnostic testing and dilation of eyes (bring a driver and sunglasses!). One of our doctors (Dr. Baig, Dr. Sabeti, Dr. Miller, Dr. Abtahi, Dr. Yelle, Dr. Nour,) will do a full assessment and discussion with the patient, and may be accompanied by a senior ophthalmology resident, senior optometry student, or tech student.

Designated parking spots are available for Precision Cornea Centre guests in the building's outdoor parking lot; if these spots are taken, additional adjacent metered parking spots can be used. The parking meter is located in the lobby and accepts credit cards, debit cards, and cash (please note we do not provide change!).


We are happy to accept referrals from physicians and optometrists for patients with cornea, iris, lens, IOL issues, and glaucoma concerns. Referrals can be sent to Precision Cornea Centre / Precision Glaucoma Centre by fax (613-739-2733), by email (, or by eReferral.


For cataract surgery, laser vision surgery (LASIK, SMILE, PRK), refractive lens exchange, and ICL surgery, both patients and referring doctors are welcome to contact Herzig Eye Institute, an adjacent surgery centre in which our surgeons operate and where Dr. Baig serves as the Medical Director.


1730 St. Laurent Blvd, Suite 100, Ottawa, Ontario, K1G 5L1, Canada

Tel: +1-613-746-2244

Fax: +1-613-739-2733

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