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Glaucoma Specialty Clinics


Glaucoma Laser Clinic

Our surgeons can use specialty lasers to help improve the internal flow of fluid in the eye. In many patients, this can help lower intraocular pressure (IOP), reduce the chance of glaucoma worsening, and sometimes decrease the need for glaucoma drops. Patients who have mild glaucoma or sensitivities to glaucoma medication may be good candidates for laser procedures.

Active Care Clinic

Patients requiring new changes to treatment or have unstable glaucoma are usually managed in our Active Care Clinic. Here we use advanced diagnostics such as Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) and visual field testing to closely monitor for any change while we modify and optimize treatment.

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Annual Care Clinic

The Annual Care Clinic is for patients with more stable diseases who are being actively managed by their community optometrist. It gives the opportunity to be seen at Precision Glaucoma Centre for an annual (or biannual) assessment to ensure the stability of the structure and function of the optic nerve. during this visit, the full scope of glaucoma testing will be preformed. This allows us to update the patient on the status of their disease as well as provide a thorough report to their optometrist. If concerns are identified, patients may be moved into the Active Care Clinic.

Glaucoma Dry Eye Clinic

Many patients using glaucoma drops will suffer from dry eyes worsened by the preservatives contained in their medications. At Precision Glaucoma Centre, we are equipped with advanced diagnostic equipment that allows us to assess the severity of dry eyes and determine any additional contributing factors. We offer in-house treatments such as Lipiflow, Radio Frequency, IPL, and ZEST if indicated for appropriate Candidates. Some treatments are not government but may be partially reimbursed through private insurance.

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