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Better and more comfortable vision through surgical expertise

At Precision Cornea Centre, nothing matters more than your health, safety, and comfort, which is why we’ve put in so much time and effort into advancing our medical practice and surgical techniques. We now offer several services and specialized procedures for your convenience. Get in touch to learn more about the ways in which we can help you.


Our doctors believe in offering customized treatment options for our patients with corneal disease. Following a thorough eye exam and state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging, our team may suggest one of several corneal transplant techniques in which we specialize. These techniques range from full-thickness corneal transplants (PKP) to partial layer transplants (DMEK, DSAEK, DSO/DWEK, DALK) in which the diseased component of the cornea is selectively removed leaving the rest of the cornea intact. In addition, our team may offer full- or partial-thickness keratoprosthesis (artificial cornea) surgery for patients with advanced corneal disease.


In patients with a natural or artificial lens that is either unstable or needing adjustment, a specialized secondary intraocular lens customized to a patient's eye may be a solution. We have depth of experience in the full spectrum of secondary intraocular fixation and exchange techniques (iris-sutured, iris-clipped, sulcus-supported, intrascleral-fixated, scleral-glued, scleral-sutured, angle-supported) and routinely perform several of these surgeries every week.


Reconstruction of the iris and pupil after trauma or disease is the one of the most gratifying surgeries we offer! In mild cases, we use tattoo ink (yes, we are corneal tattoo artists!!). In moderate cases, we can suture the delicate iris back together using specialized techniques and instruments. In advanced cases, we have significant experience placing therapeutic artificial iris implants from around the world inside the eye to improve our patients' vision and comfort with truly individualized options.


Growths on the cornea (pterygium), irregularities of the cornea, ocular surface tumors, and diseases requiring amniotic membrane grafting can all be addressed by our team as minor procedures of the ocular surface.


For our patients who have weak corneas (keratoconus, pellucid marginal degeneration), we may offer collagen crosslinking as an option to stabilize their corneas. In certain cases, crosslinking can be combined with the latest topography-guided laser treatments to improve a patient's vision or minimize dependance on contact lenses.


Precision Cornea Centre is proud of offer dedicated specialty clinics in our following areas of expertise:
- Cornea/Transplant Clinic
- Iris/Lens/Aberrations Clinic
- Keratoconus Screening Clinic
- Ocular Surface Disease Clinic
- Myopia Prevention Clinic
- Specialty Contact Lens Clinic

Image by Drew Dizzy Graham
Vision Procedures: Services
Image by Quentin Lagache


Achieving Your Vision Goals

Our surgeons offer consultation services and the full spectrum of refractive procedures to achieve the diverse vision goals of our guests. This is performed down the hall from Precision Cornea Centre at the Herzig Eye Institute, a state-of-the-art surgery centre where Dr. Baig serves as Medical Director.


Precision Refractive Cataract Surgery differs from basic cataract surgery by providing patients with access to technology that can achieve their vision goals. The technology offered includes advanced technology intraocular lenses, femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery, state-of-the-art diagnostic and imaging modalities, intraoperative aberrometry, and artificial intelligence. Independence from spectacles and contact lenses, correction of both distance and near vision, and correction of astigmatism are some of the vision goals we are able to achieve for our cataract patients.


Precision Cornea Centre surgeons are able to offer patients interested in laser vision surgery the full spectrum of laser options at Herzig Eye Institute. Laser vision correction techniques include SMILE, LASIK, and PRK (both wavefront- or topography-guided treatments are available depending on what is best for the patient). In addition, PTK corneal re-surfacing laser procedures are also offered.


Precision Cornea Centre surgeons are also able to offer Refractive Lens Exchange as an option to our 50- to 65-year-old patients who do not have cataracts and wish to be free of their glasses and contact lenses. Detailed diagnostic imaging to understand your eyes allows us to match the most appropriate intraocular lens technology with your vision goals.


For some patients wishing to get their vision corrected, an ICL is the procedure of choice over laser vision surgery. A full assessment at Herzig Eye Institute with advanced diagnostic technology will help determine if an ICL would be the most appropriate technology for a patient to free of glasses or contact lenses.


For patients who have already had cataract surgery and would like to either improve their vision, or be free of their glasses or contact lenses, several options of piggyback intraocular lenses exist. A detailed consultation will help in determining which niche lens may be able to achieve your vision goals!

Vision Procedures: Services
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